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John Jay is Registered Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering for over 18 years with State of California, the author has Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineers, Master’s degree in Information Technology, has completed some Doctoral working on Dissertation.

The author has over 22 years of professional engineering experience in semiconductor industry, systems and medical devices. The author has worked at over six different companies, including Signetics, National Semiconductor, Fujitsu Microelectronics, GE Healthcare, Intel corporation, Cisco Systems, Accuray Systems and has been responsible for over 20 different new products, systems and medical devices and worked with over 30 different semiconductor processes, assembly, over six different semiconductor foundry many PWB vendors, assembly and test houses.

This book is the outgrowth of the author’s over 22 years of industrial and professional experience and serves as the authors contribution to Engineering and professional body of knowledge and benefit to mankind quality of life